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Parental Agreement


7.3   Parental Agreement


Jennings Virtual Academy Parent Agreement


             Please complete, sign, and return with your enrollment form.


1.     I understand proficiency assessments are required for initial course placement within the Jennings Virtual Academy and the Jennings Public School curriculum.  Instructional materials will not be ordered until my child has been accepted into the program.


2.     I accept the responsibility to supervise my child using the Jennings Public School curriculum. I understand that I am expected to become knowledgeable about the curriculum and Online School (OLS).


3.     I understand students must follow Jennings Public School’s student plan to demonstrate adequate academic achievement in the curriculum. Students must complete assignments at a level of 80 percent mastery or better to move ahead in that subject area.


4.     I understand that I will be asked to supplement the program designed by Jennings Public School with curriculum aligned to the Oklahoma standards of learning. These supplementary materials will be provided by the Jennings Virtual Academy.


5.     I understand that my child will have accumulated 1050 hours of instructional time per year.

i.                    Instructional time refers to time spent on the education of one’s child or children including but not limited to: (Instruction, reading, assignments, computer based instruction, library time, and interaction with assigned teacher


6.     I will be responsible for reporting my child’s time on a regular basis.


7.     I will communicate regularly with the Jennings Virtual Academy representative.


8.     I agree if my child is ill or away from their schoolwork for an extended period of time I will contact the Jennings Virtual Academy representative.


9.     I understand that if my telephone number, address, or e-mail address changes, I will inform the Jennings Virtual Academy representative.


10. I understand that my child will participate in any assessments required by Jennings Virtual Academy. Some of the assessments will be administered in Jennings, Ok. On specified dates.



11. I understand if my child does not make adequate progress, participation in the Jennings Virtual Academy will be denied. Adequate progress will be determined at the end of each semester.


12. I agree to return non-consumable items, books, and other materials when requested at the end of the school year, course completion, when my child withdraws, or if participation is denied.   Materials must be turned in and in good condition.   I am aware that I will be charged for damaged or lost items.


13. I understand that participation in the program requires that my child have regular, daily access to a computer with an internet connection that meets the minimum standard as stipulated below. I acknowledge that I am responsible for upkeep and maintenance of my personal computer and working internet connection.


14.  If my child moves outside of the Jennings Virtual Academy service area or enrolls in another public school, I understand that my child may no longer participate in the Jennings Virtual Academy. If this change occurs, I agree to inform the Jennings Virtual Academy representative.





I have read and accept all terms in this agreement.