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About Shelia Bergner

Chris and I

Hello everyone that visits!!  Hope this day is finding you well!  Let me introduce myself, I am Shelia Bergner and I have just started my 23rd year of teaching here in Jennings!   I can still remember my first day...mid August, HOT, scared, in the old brick building (no longer here), praying that the window A/C unit would work all day...oh my what a joy and ride I have had.

My husband, Chris, and I currently live in Sand Springs, with our teenage daughter...opps...I forget that she is only 9.  If you have had the chance to meet Isabella, you know exactly what I mean by that!  We have been married for 22 years and also have four cats.  All three of us, Chris, Isabella, and I, really enjoy going to the lake, sporting events, and spending time with friends and family.

My role has has changed quite a bit here at the school.  I am now the Virtual Academy and Alternative Education teacher.  Please feel free to call the school, or visit if you need to speak with me.  Also my email address is 

 I have told the students that I will stay most days after school until 4:00 and can stay later on some days.  They are more than welcome to come get help or do homework after school if needed.   

Here is to us having a great year!!

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