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Lesson Plans

January 21, 2020-January 24, 2020


Unit 4 Lesson 16

Whole Group Reading:

Dear Mr. Blueberry

What is Science

Benjamin Franklin, Inventor

Small group reading:

Camping Under the Stars

Animals in the Woods

My Yard

In the Tree

Blending phonemes

Middle Sound

Word Building

Pause for Punctuation 

Story Sequence of Events

New High Frequency Words: is, of, many, how, so, where

Library Wednesdays 10:20-11:00

reading centers on Thursdays


Daily Writing Journal 

First / last name and the date

Practice all letters upper case and lower case

Simple sentence structure using high frequency words

High Frequency sight word review

Letter focus of the week: Ii


Practice Counting 1-100 by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s and writing 1-30

Chapter 8 lessons 1-4

Identify groups of 10 and more 1s

Count, write , and make sense of teen numbers

Review recognizing operations of subtraction and addition

math centers on Thursdays

Social Studies: Locate the United States on a map and on a globe and from Space

Science: Weather

Art: "What can we see in the sky?” Mobile