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Lesson Plans

March 9, 2020-March 12, 2020


Unit 5  Lesson 22

Whole Group Reading:

A Tiger Grows Up (read aloud)

Leo the Late Bloomer (big book)

What can a Baby Animal Do? {informational text)

A Good Job and Fix It!  (Student Book)

Small group reading:

Our Family Vacation

A day at School

Good Job,Sam!

Family fun

Reading skills:

New High Frequency Words: said, was, then, good, ate, could

Blend and Segment phonemes

Substitute Phonemes

Middle Sound

Word Building

Pause for Punctuation 

Read with Expression

Sequence of Events

Cause and Effect


reading centers on Thursdays


Daily Writing Journal 

First / last name and the date

Practice all letters upper case and lower case

Simple sentences using high frequency words

Capital letter at the beginning

Punctuation at the end

Letter focus of the week: Xx, Jj


Practice Counting 1-100 by 1’s,2’s, 5’s, and 10’s and writing 1-50

Chapter 9 lesson 3-5 (pgs 467-484)

Name each number to 20

Count forward from any number

Identify the strating number and put number into order

math centers on Thursdays

Social Studies: 

basic needs of food clothing and shelter


Animal Babies and what they need to grow compare/contrast with how people grow

mystery science video on mondays (“how do germs get inside your body”)


tiger craft