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Lesson Plans

January 25-28, 2021


Unit 3 Lesson 15

words to know: bird, both, eyes, fly, long, or, those, walk

anchor texts: Animal Groups, Animal Picnic

Essential Question: What makes birds different from mammals?

Talk about: genre, characters, setting, major events, main idea, sequence of events, front cover, back cover, spine, title page, author, illustrator, story lesson,

cause and effect, fluency/intonation

Decodable Reader: Mike’s Bike, The Nest, The Nice Vet, Kite Time



 Spelling List: time, bike, like, white, kite, drive

pattern sort, word hunt, make a rhyme, making words

practice spelling words daily

Spelling test on Thursday

CVCe words long ‘i’

nouns/ proper nouns/ possessive nouns/ verbs/ adjectives/ using ‘a’ or ‘an’, plural/singular nouns, synonyms, using a, an, and the, homophones,

subjects and verbs, suffix -er -est

Write about what we read using sight words, capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, punctuation at the end, commas in a series


Chapter 5   pages 243-254 Subtraction within 20

math centers on Thursday to practice what we’ve learned

math vocab: addition, subtraction, plus, minus, equals, sum, difference, addend, doubles=twice or two times, add doubles, doubles plus 1, doubles minus 1, number line, fact family, ten frame

count 1-120 by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s

coin names and values

Shapes 2D and 3D

telling time-whole hour and half hour