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The Jennings Board of Education hereby establishes the Jennings Virtual Academy.   The purpose of the academy is to reach students that can benefit from our curriculum and services.   The academy will serve students in grades Kindergarten through Eighth.   We will provide a wide variety of services in order to reach students that are homebound, home schooled, or may benefit from taking online courses.   The academy will also allow students to pursue advanced curriculum that can be taken for high school credit.


Jennings Virtual Academy provides students with the opportunities to design their own personalized learning.   The virtual academy will allow students the freedom to work on the coursework when and where they have time.   The academy contains a variety of technologies and standard educational practices to reach students and provide a good quality education.


The Jennings Virtual Academy uses local state adopted curriculum, which is accessed via an online school as well as through more traditional methods. Jennings Virtual Academy will deliver materials including books, CDs, science kits and a mini laptop to each student enrolled in the virtual academy.   Through an agreement with the parent (educational facilitator) and the school, students and parents will have weekly lesson plans, discussion forums, quizzes, computer based intervention all available to them on a daily basis.

7.1 Jennings Virtual Academy Application and Enrollment


Each student wishing to attend Jennings Virtual Academy must apply either in person or online.   Applicants will be required to meet all enrollment requirements before they are allowed in the virtual academy.   Students wishing to attend the virtual academy not living within this district will be required to obtain a legal transfer.  


Parents must apply for their child to attend the virtual academy.  The Jennings Board of Education or their designee will review all applications to determine if the student has a seat within the academy.   The board of education or designee will look at many factors during the application process.   A few of these are grades, time logs, test results, availability of services and availability of seats within the virtual academy.




The Jennings Virtual Academy will accept applications up to September 15th of each school year.   The board of education or designee will review any emergency applications or applications of students that have moved into the school district at that particular time.   Applicants outside Jennings School District will have to wait for the next school year to apply.      



Current students may apply.   Their application will be reviewed to determine if their participation in the virtual academy would be beneficial.


7.2   Jennings Virtual Academy Guidelines



1.            The Parent will serve as the educational facilitator.   The parent and the school will enter into an educational agreement.

2.            Parent must provide an internet connection or have access to an internet connection.

3.            The student must receive 1050 hours of schooling from the months of August through May.  

4.            Parent must log time on a regular basis.   This will allow the school district to monitor progress.

5.            The school district will assign a certified teacher to each student.   Some students may be assigned more than one certified teacher.   The teacher will serve both the parent and the student for support and direct instruction.   The certified teacher will have an online chat or other mode of communication at least once per week.   Students will be required to log in or visit with their certified teacher at least twice per month.

6.            Teachers will place weekly lesson plans on school district website and parent site.

7.            Teachers will also place recorded lessons for parent and students to access.

8.            JVA students will have one day per week set aside for them to visit the school’s library in order to check out library books and or communicate with their assigned teacher face to face.

9.            JVA students will receive an email account, user name and password to access software, state adopted text books, science kits, and a laptop.  

10.        JVA students will be an integral part of our school community.   They will have the opportunities for social development through school or class field trips, athletic events and others not mentioned in this policy.  

11.        All courses/subjects will meet PASS standards for the State of Oklahoma.

12.        Textbooks will be state adopted textbooks and meet PASS standards.

13.        Students will be required to take CRT on site.

14.        Teachers will post nine weeks exams to be taken and returned to school.   This will help with teacher evaluation of student progress.

15.        At any point in time teacher can request all assignments.   This will also be used as a monitoring tool.

16.        Teachers will place recorded video lessons on the JVA website for students to access.

17.        Grades will be based on:

·        90 – 100 = A

·        80 – 89 = B

·        70 – 79 = C

·        60 – 69 = D

·        0 – 59 = F

   18.   Students will keep all assignments in a 5 inch binder.   This binder will be turned in at the end of the year or upon request of the teacher or superintendent.