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Weekly Spelling List

 Reg. List:

ounce   sprawl   launch   loyal   avoid   basketball   moist   haunt   scowl   naughty

destroy   saucer   pounce   poison   August   auction   royal coward   awkward  encounter


Higher List:

audible   appall   authentic   thoughtful   haunted   slaughter   precaution   notorious   flawless   seaboard

comical   stability   percentage   kernel   comparable   status   philosopher   minimum   faculty   vigor


Challenge Words

poise   loiter   exhaust   assault   alternate


  *****There will be homework each night in Spelling except for Thursdays. They will be given time to do this in class and in study hall!***** 

Monday: ABC order

Tuesday: 1/2 words as a question.....1/2 words as a statement (ABOUT 10 words in each sentence)

Wednesday: 1/2 page (minimum) silly story: Must use at least 15 words