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5th Grade: Agenda/Homework/Behavior



Welcome to our 5th grade class!!!  5th grade is a big testing grade.  We are tested in ELA (Reading/English/Writing), Math, and Science.  Each subject is equally important to their learning and education.  We will be working extremely hard each and every day to make sure that they get every opportunity to learn all of those skills needed for great achievement on the spring tests. Below are some important classroom procedures that will be in effect in our classroom.


Agenda/Reading Log Procedure: Your child will be bringing home an agenda each day along with a reading log attached inside.  The agenda will have all the assignments and homework listed for the day.  I will be checking and initialing or stamping it every day to make sure the information is accurate. The reading log is where your child will record the book he or she is reading each day (minimum of 30 minutes.)  It also needs to be signed daily.  The purpose of the agenda is to help keep the student organized on what assignments are taught each day and what they need to do for homework to stay caught up.


Homework Procedure: There will be homework daily except for Thursdays!!!  Reading will always be the required 30 minute reading and reading log.  Math will vary from day to day depending on the assignment, along with the daily multiplication practice. Spelling will be the same each week…

Mon- ABC order

Tues- ½ words in a question; ½ words in an answer

Wed- one page silly story



ALL HOMEWORK IS REQUIRED TO BE COMPLETED AND TURNED IN!!!  We have an intervention policy that states that any homework or classroom assignment that is not turned in counts as a missing/incomplete assignment.  All of those assignments are emailed to Mr. Meador which he then fills out an orange slip for the student which has to be signed and returned the next day along with that assignment. After 5 missing/incomplete assignments they will be required to serve a Saturday School.


Behavior Procedure: There will only be 1 verbal warning this year!!!!! After that it is a loss of 5 minutes of recess.  Then on the 3rd time it is a loss of all recess, a phone call home, and your child will write a letter explaining their choices they made and the consequences for their actions.  The letter has to be signed and returned the next day (as part of their homework.) On the 4th time your child will be sent to the office immediately and receive a consequence there.