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About Bobbie Reeves

My name is Bobbie Reeves,  

I grew up and graduated high school from Yale in 1999. I went to college and graduated with my degree in Elementary Education from Northwestern Oklahoma State University in Alva, Ok.  I did my student teaching and taught 2nd grade for two years in Yale.  Then I moved to Tulsa and taught Kindergarten in one of the many Tulsa Public Schools.  From there I taught 4th grade at Union Schools in Tulsa for 2 years.  I began teaching here at Jennings in 2009, and this will be my 11th year here.   I teach primarily 5th grade, but I also have 6th grade girls’ Reading/Spelling and 6th grade English.

State testing is very important in the 5th grade!   As the standards have changed, we will now be tested in English Language Arts (which used to be just the reading test...and now it contains Reading, English, and Writing), Math and Science.  Those tests will be in mid April.   So that means we will have 3 state tests in April, but those tests are taken in 4 days!  Monday-Writing; Tuesday-ELA; Wednesday-Math; and Thursday-Science. Once we have covered all the necessary material, we will start doing test prep in the spring. All 5th grade state testing is now on the computer.  We will be have typing practice class often, and their writing test, will all have to be typed.

We are still going to school 4 days this year.  We will be off on Fridays most of the time, and the school will notify you of any changes to the calendar.  It is very crucial that all children be here at school.  We will be covering more material in those 4 days, and make up work will add up quickly!  Please see the students’ agendas for any changes in our school’s policies.  The agendas will be sent home daily, and will contain all the assignments that have assigned for the day. 

If you have any questions, please contact me here at school on my plan time from 8:50-9:45 daily, or via email at

Thank you!

Mrs. Reeves


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