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Daily Schedule

4th Grade Daily Schedule

7:30-7:55- Unfinished work, Silent reading, Bell Work
7:55-8:00- Announcements
8:00-8:35- Spelling
8:35-8:50- Breakfast
8:50-9:50- Math
(9:50- send students to Mrs. J’s)
9:50-10:55- ELA Block- Reading
10:55-11:40- Monday- Boys PE, Girls STEAM/Library
                     Tuesday- Girls PE, Boys STEAM/Library
                     Wednesday- Boys PE, Girls Library/STEAM
              Thursday- Girls PE, Boys Library/STEAM
11:40-Noon- Lunch
Noon-12:20- Recess (12:20- Send students to Mrs. J’s)
12:20-12:45- ELA Block- English/Writing
12:45-1:15- Math (small groups & intervention)
1:15-2:00- Science
2:00- 2:15- Silent Reading Time
2:15-2:45- Flex/Study Hall (Monday, Wednesday)  
Tuesdays- 2:15-3:00- 4th Grade Library Checkout Day
Thursdays- 2:15-2:25 (clean up and pack up) 
                 2:25- 3:00- Art Tech
2:45-3:00- Teacher read aloud
3:00-3:05- Clean Up, Go Home