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Lesson Plans

Third Grade Lesson Plans for 10-4-21 – 10-7-21


Monday:  Les. 6 Bats Love the Night: Introduce Vocabulary: slithers, snuggles, swoops, echoes, detail, squeak, dozes, twitch. Listen to Story online. Glossary work:

Tuesday:  Group Read Bat Loves the Night: Independent Reading WB P. 77-78, Vocabulary Matchup Worksheet

Wednesday:  Partner Read Bat Loves the Night, Vocabulary Practice Test

Thursday:  Story Review/Test Review Les. 6 Vocabulary/Comprehension Test


Monday: Introduce Spelling words: Short/Long Vowel Words: math, toast, easy, socks, Friday, stuff, paid, cheese, June, elbow, program, shiny, piles, sticky, each, both comb, holiday. Write words 5 x’s each, ABC Order, WB P. 71, 74,

Tuesday:  Words 5 x’s each, WB P. 76, 80, Packet P. 11, 12

Wednesday: Words 5 x’s each, WB P. 83, Practice Test, Finish Phonics Packet

Thursday: Les. 6 Spelling/Phonics Test


Monday: Using a Number Line to Multiply WB P. 9-14

Tuesday: Multiplication Arrays WB P. 15-20

Wednesday: Multiply In Any Order WB P. 21-26

Thursday: Divide: Size of Equal Groups WB P. 27-32


 Monday: Action Verbs WB P. 72

Tuesday: Being Verbs WB P. 75

Wednesday: Action/Being Verbs WB P. 79

Thursday: Complete Subjects and Predicates WB P. 82


Monday: Fast Phonics/Reading Eggs/Reading Eggspress

Wednesday: Math Seeds

Thursday: Reading Eggs, Math Seeds



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