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Lesson Plans

Third Grade Lesson Plans for 3-2-20-03-05-20


Les. 21 Sarah, Plain and Tall

Monday:  Introduce Vocabulary: buzzing, fetch, prairie, rough, clattered, batted, slick, sniff, rustle, thumped  Listen to story online, Packet P. 13

Tuesday:  Popcorn read story, Comprehension/Vocabulary Review, Independent Reading WB P. 95, 96 Packet P. 16

Wednesday:  Partner Read story, Vocabulary Matchup, Packet P. 19, 20 WB P. 99 Vocabulary Charades

Thursday: Les. 21 Vocabulary/Comprehension Test


Monday: Introduce Spelling words: coming, swimming, dropping, tapping, taping, invited, saving, stared, planned, changing, joking, loved, gripped, tasted, making, stopped, freezing, scared

Write words 3x’s each, Packet Pg. 11, 12, 14

Tuesday:  Write words 3 x’s each, ABC Order, Packet Pg. 15, 17, 18

Wednesday: 3 x’s each, Spelling Sparkle, Pre-test, WB P. 89, 92, 94

Thursday: Spelling Sparkle, WB P. 98, 101  Spelling/Phonics Test


Monday: Les. 12.2 Elasped Time within the Hour WB P. 545, 547, 549

Tuesday: Les. 12.3 Elapsed Time Across the Hour WB P. 551, 553, 555

Wednesday: Les. 12.5 Understand and Estimate Liquid Volume WB P. 563, 565, 567

Thursday: Chapter 12.6 Measure Liquid Volume WB P. 569, 571, 573


 Monday: Adverbs That Compare WB P. 90, 91

Tuesday: Adverbs That Compare WB P. 97

Wednesday: Kinds of Adjectives WB P. 100

Thursday: Les. 21 Grammar Test


Monday: Location, Location, Location

Tuesday: Phases of the Moon

Wednesday: Converting Energy to Motion

Thursday: Elements and Atoms

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