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Lesson Plans

Third Grade Lesson Plans for April 12-15, 2021


Monday: Skill -  Analogies: Lesson 26 “The Foot Race Across America” Introduce Vocabulary: principal, proud, announced, advice, loyal, ability, absorb, loveliest, compete, approached. Listen to story online; Packet Pages – Independent Reading WB P. 160-161, Summarize the Story, That’s a Fact

Tuesday: Group Read – “The Foot Race Across America”: Dictionary/Vocabulary Work,

Wednesday:  Partner Read “The Foot Race Across America”: Vocabulary Matchup, What’s The Main Idea,  Author’s Purpose, Test Review

 Thursday:  Story Review/Test Review Les. 26 Vocabulary/Comprehension Test


Monday: Les. 26 Skill: Common Final Syllables –tion, -sion, -ture Introduce Spelling words: person, helmet, until, carpet, Monday, enjoy, forget, problem, Sunday, garden, order, mistake, umpire, herself, after, under. Packet pgs. 6, 7, 8

Tuesday:  Words 5 x’s each & ABC Order, Spelling Sentences/Highlight Subjects and Predicates, Common Final Syllables WB P. 159

Wednesday: Words 5 x’s each & ABC Order,  WB Pgs. WB P. 162, 163, 164

Thursday: Les. 26: Spelling/Phonics Test


Monday: Equivalent Fractions on a Number Line WB P. 489-494

Tuesday: Relate Fractions and Whole Numbers WB P. 495-499

Wednesday: Compare Fractions with the Same Denominator 11.4 WB P. 501-506

Thursday: Compare Fractions with the Same Numerator WB P. 507-512


 Monday: Abbreviations for Days and Months WB P. 165

Tuesday: Abbreviations for Places WB P. 166

Wednesday: Writing Abbreviations WB P. 167, 168

Thursday: Les. 26 Grammar Test:


Monday: Fast Phonics/Reading Eggs

Tuesday: Math Seeds

Wednesday: Fast Phonics

Thursday: Reading Eggs



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