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Lesson Plans

Third Grade Lesson Plans for 12-2-19 – 12-5-19


Les. 13 Yonder Mountain: A Cherokee Legend

Monday:  Introduce Vocabulary Words: peak, examined, fondly, steep, rugged, pausing, mist, pleaded

Listen to story online, Homophones and Homographs P. 13, 16 Writing WB P. 191  

Tuesday:  Popcorn Read story, Independent Reading WB P. 193-194, P. 19

Wednesday:  Partner Read story, Vocabulary Matchup Cut & Paste, Les. 13 Test Review

Thursday: Les. 13 Vocabulary/Comprehension Test


Monday: Introduce Spelling Words – I’d, he’s, haven’t, doesn’t, let’s, there’s, wouldn’t, what’s, she’s, aren’t, hasn’t, couldn’t, he’d, they’re, can’t, isn’t, we’re, weren’t

Write words 3 x’s each

WB P. 11, 12, WB P. 190

Tuesday:  Words 3 x’s each WB P. 14, 17, WB P. 192

Wednesday: Words 3 x’s each WB P. 18, WB P. 196, 199

Thursday: Spelling and Phonics Test,


Monday: Chapter 5 Patterns and Fluency Les. 5.3 P. 241-242

Tuesday: Les. 5.4 Problem Solving Les. 5.4 P. 247-248

Wednesday: Chapter 5 Practice Test


Thursday: Chapter 6 Les. 6.1 Understand Area P. 259-260


 Monday: Subject-Verb Agreement WB P. 188

Tuesday: Subject-Verb Agreement WB P. 189

Wednesday: Subject-Verb Agreement WB P. 195

Thursday: Writing Quotations WB P. 196


Monday: Les. 1 How Living Things Are Alike Group Read Pgs. A6-A11

Think and Write Questions 1-3 P. A13

Tuesday: Les. 2 The Needs of Plants Group Read Pgs. A14-A21

Think and Write Questions 1-4 P. A21

Wednesday: Les. 3 The Life Cycle of a Plant Group Read Pgs. A26-A31

Think and Write Questions 1-4 P. A31

Thursday: Chapter 1 Review 1-15 Pgs. A34-A35


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