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Spelling & Vocabulary Lists

The Fun We Had

idea  lion  usual  radio  liar   poem   India   piano   January  quiet

poet   science  diary   violin  period  February  cereal  video   meteor  rodeo


giant   lesson  program  quart   problem 


variety  gradual geography  diaram  punctuate



centuries – hundreds of years of time.

progress – improvement

dispute – argue

mechanical – by use of machines

calculated – figured out

superior – better

waste – something used without result

inspector – person who makes sure things are working

average – usual

insert – put in 

2.Make any combination of activities to tally 5 points. Bring ALL activities completed Thursday morning to school!

ABC Order

Write your list of words in alphabetical order.


1 point

In the Spotlight! 

Write each word. Then, go back and highlight the vowels in your words.    

1 point

Take Three

Write each word three times each.      




1 point


Write your spelling words in your neatest cursive writing. 

1 point

Spelling Test

Have a family member give you a practice test. Turn it in!   







1 point

Rainbow Words

Write each word using different colors for the letters in the word. 






1 point

Lease to Greatest

Write your spelling words from the least amount of letters to greatest amount of letters


1 points



Write each of your spelling words backwards!



1 point

Super Sentences

Write sentences using at least 2 of the spelling and vocab  words per sentence. Use all spelling and vocab words.  Be sure to underline or highlight the spelling words 

3 point