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Spelling & Vocabulary Lists


1. sigh

2. right

3. weigh

4. eight

5. detail

6. height

7. spray

8. braid

9. bait

10. grain

11. slight

12. thigh


14. raisin

15. trait

16. highway


18. dismay

19. freight

20. sleigh

Challenge Words

21. eighteen

22. mayonnaise

23. campaign

24. daylight

25. twilight



1.  docks - platforms built on the shore or out from the shore; wharves; piers

2. migrating - going from one region to another  with the change in seasons

3. scan - to glance at; look over hastily

4. scent - a smell

5. wharf - platform built on the shore or out from the shore beside which ships can load or unload

6. yearned - felt a longing or desire

7.consult - to seek information or advice from

8. leisurely - without hurry; taking plenty of time

9. mutual - done, said, or felt by each toward the other

Spelling Menu

Make any combination of activities to tally 5 points. Bring ALL activities completed Thursday morning to school!

ABC Order

Write your list of words in alphabetical order.


1 point

In the Spotlight! 

Write each word. Then, go back and highlight the vowels in your words.    

1 point

Take Three

Write each word three times each.      




1 point


Write each word starting with one letter only and then adding one letter at a time per row.





1 point

Spelling Test

Have a family member give you a practice test. Turn it in!   







1 point

Rainbow Words

Write each word using different colors for the letters in the word. 






1 point

Agenda Spelling

Write each of your words in your agenda


1 points



Write each of your spelling words backwards!



1 point

Spelling Packet


Complete your spelling packet



2 point