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Daily. Notebooks

Daily Notebook 

                    The  Daily Notebook is a three-ring notebook that your child will use every day to develop organizational skills and learn responsibility.  It is important to teach children how to keep up with homework and important notes.  This book is a great way of maintaining effective communication between home and school.  It aims to eliminate lost notes, newsletters, calendars, and homework as well as keep parents and students informed of important events and academic progress. 

So, if you want to know what is happening in Mrs. Muse's Kindergarten class, check out your child's Daily Notebook!

Here's what you will find inside:

Important Notes

This pocket is to be used to send notes to the teacher that need immediate attention, such as transportation changes, doctor's appointments, urgent concerns, etc.  I will also use this pocket to send you notes that require immediate attention.  Please check this section daily.

Money Pocket

From time to time, you may need to send money to school for book club orders, lunch, field trips, etc.  Please use the pencil case to send money to school All money needs to be in a Ziploc bag or envelope.  Please mark your child’s name and what the money is to be used for on the envelope.  Please do not use this pocket for school supplies as it is not durable enough for everyday use.


Homework will be sent home in the "Homework" pocket and completed homework should be returned to school in the same pocket.  Please check this section daily.

Daily Work 

 This pocket contains graded schoolwork that may be kept and admired at home.  Display your child's work on the fridge, in the bathroom, or another special home art and schoolwork gallery. Please check this section daily and remove all items from the pocket.     

            The Daily Notebook contains everything your child will need for school everyday.  Encourage your child to become more independent by being responsible  and making sure everything they need for school including thier homework is inside and the  Notebook is placed in his/her backpack before bed.  This will mean a calm and relaxed commute to school and a confident child  who will be prepared to start the day off right. 

Thank you for helping your child develop these important daily skills.