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Parent Letter

Welcome to Kindergarten!!!

Dear Parents,

Hello,  I am looking forward to a new school year.  I am excited about all of the growth and achievement I expect to see out of the children this year. My hope is to create a comfortable, loving environment for your child. I want to take this opportunity to inform you of some of the procedures and communication devices we will use this year to work together and help your child achieve ultimate success.

The first few days of classroom time will be spent reviewing classroom procedures such as, lining up, raising our hands, how to take a bathroom break, ect… After we get these procedures down we will begin our curriculum. The ultimate goal this year is to improve your child’s reading and to expand their writing and math skills. We will focus mainly on reading, writing, and math concepts, although, I do plan on incorporating science and social studies in our weekly lessons. In order to improve reading skills it is important to expose them to reading often. Reading with them at home is essential.

Starting the third week, I will be sending a homework folder  home with your child Monday-Thursday. This folder will contain homework that is designed to help your child grow academically.  Also, if your child does not complete his/her class work it will become homework. Please work with your child every night. This work is vital to your child’s progress. On Wednesdays, your child will bring home the homework folder and a “Wednesday folder”. Please send a backpack with your child to keep track of his/her folders.

 I am extremely excited to work with your child this year.  I trully believe if we work together and communicate well with each other, your child will learn the importance of their education and enjoy coming to school. The best way I can communicate with you is through something called, “Class Dojo”. Please make it a point to sign up for it when you see the invitation. I think it will be a great asset to our classroom community.


                                                                        Mrs. Muse