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Science Websites

Amazing Food Detective Interactive games and activitiesAmusement Park Physics

Explores how the laws of physics play a role in the design of amusement park rides. Design a roller coaster, determine the outcome of bumper car collisions, and more.

Animal Planet

Terrific Animal Information Site!

Biology 4 Kids

Good biology site!

Birthstones, Minerals, & Gems

Great information about minerals and gems.


All sorts of educational activities.


All about bubbles!

Catch the Science Bug

Investigation website.

Cells Alive

All about cells!

Chemistry 4 Kids

Good Chemistry Site!

Classification Game

A cool game for classification.

Create A Graph

A great website for building and creating a graph.


All about dinosaurs!

Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel

Earth Science Explorer

Explore the Earth


Simple Machines, Weather, Knee/Hip Replacement, etc

Electronic Zoo

Explore exotic animals online.


Sponsored by Chevron


Animal pictures and facts

Frankenstein's Lightning Laboratroy

All about electricity!

How Stuff Works

All about how stuff works.

Human Anatomy Online

Take a tour of the human body. This site offers a fun, interactive way to learn about skeletal, digestive, muscular, and other body systems.

Infrared Zoo

The Infrared Zoo shows what animals look like in a whole different light. See what birds, reptiles, and mammals look like in the infrared, and learn how animals use fur, blubber, and feathers to insulate themselves.

Interactive Science Sites

Huge compilations of sites covering various science topics.

Interactive Simulations

Very cool site with lots of interactive activities.

Interactive Weather Map

Great site to learn weather symbols.

JASON Project

Education through Exploration. Science

A safe place to learn and play

Kitchen Chemistry

The virtual kitchen  to perform online experiments, solve a puzzle, and get a reward.

Lab TV


Marine Life Discoveries

All about marine life

Math (Graphing)

An easy online graphing tool for creating bar, line, and pie graphs.


NASA Space

National Geographic Kids

Very Cool!

Ocean Portal

Very cool site about oceans!


Interactive website!

Online Lab Activities

Some good activities to conduct online.

Planet Pals Earthzone

Join Earthman, Sunnyray, Fluffy, and the rest of the Planetpals gang to learn all about our planet, weather, and ways you can recycle and conserve the earth's resources. You'll also find sections with crafts you can make, games, coloring pages, and lots of other fun stuff. Like the Planetpals say, "a friend for earth is a friend for life!"

Popular Science

Website for popular science magazine.

Rice Web Adventures

Explore Science - One Game at a Time


A site with links to many different things about rocks!

Rock Hounds

All about rocks!!!

Primary Science Games

A variety of fun science games!

Scholastic Weather Watch

Awesome site devoted to weather.

Science Fun

Similar Site developed by Wisconsin Teacher

Science Kids

A terrific collection of interactive science activities.

Science Made Fun

Fun Science!

Science Monster

Awesome science activities.

Science of NASCAR

Ever wond the physics behind racing a car?

Secrets of the SeaAn interactive adventure that helps students learn about marine ecology.Skateboard Science

See how skateboards are made and learn about the science behind how tricks like the ollie are done. Includes videos plus a skateboarding glossary.

Smithsonian Magazine

Visit the Smithsonian Online

Soda Constructor

Create a model out of digital soda straws and use your engineering skills to animate it.

Try Science

Interactive Science Website

Understanding Air Currents & Meteorology

Awesome site with in depth information on meteorology courtesy of the wonderful young people of the Morrow Community Center.

Weather Channel for Kids

Interactive weather site for kids.

Wellcome Collection

The free desination for the incurably curious


Fun interactive science website!

Virtual Fish Tank

Build-Your-Own-Fish online and release them into the Virtual FishTank.

Virtual Frog Dissection

Dissect a frog online!


Information on Volcanoes


Learn how volcanoes form, see what happens when a volcano erupts, and find out what scientists are doing to better understand and predict when a volcano will erupt.

Your Weight On Other Worlds

Did you know that a person who weighs 120 pounds on earth, would weigh just 8 pounds on Pluto? Enter your weight at this site and you'll be able to see how much you would weigh on 16 other planets, moons, or even stars!

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